Larimer County Jail Moves into New Facility

Larimer County Jail Housing Tower, courtesy of JE Dunn.

JE Dunn Construction recently joined the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office and DLR Group to celebrate the completion of phases two and three of the Larimer County Jail Improvement Project.

This milestone includes the opening of the new housing tower adding over 150 beds, a new booking space, conference and training areas for the Sheriff’s Office staff, and a connecting bridge between the existing Larimer County Sheriff’s Administration building and the Larimer County Jail.

The project consists of four phases of new construction and will end with an interior remodel. The first phase, which opened for use in July of 2021, includes new kitchen and laundry facilities, a loading dock and central receiving services, a boiler room, and officer workspaces.

During the project’s groundbreaking ceremony in 2020, the Larimer County Commissioner Steve Johnson said the project is important because it will improve the quality of life for the jail’s inmates and staff. “When incarcerated, people can come back out worse, or they can come back out better. The expansion will hopefully help them to come out better,” he said.

The project is expected to be completed in June of 2023 at a cost of just under $80 million.

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