Local Construction Workers Support Working Families

Enrique Elizondo and Rusty Gonzales, friends and construction professionals in Denver for more than 30 years, have launched the “I’m Essential” campaign – a creative effort to support working families during this time of need.  The term “I’m Essential” is a badge of courage and honor. Through the sale of “I am Essential” stickers and t-shirts, the campaign recognizes the importance of every individual’s contributions to the Colorado’s ongoing economic stability, while raising funds.

“The jobs everyone did prior to this pandemic never changed – from housekeeping professionals, landscapers, maintenance and construction crews, to grocery store staff – everyone continues to prove to be essential in rebuilding our economy,” said Elizondo, a superintendent for GH Phipps Construction who serves as president of the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado (HCC).

Through the sales of stickers and t-shirts and donations to the fund, the campaign has a goal to raise $100,000 to support working families. Money raised will then be distributed to various non-profits who directly support those affected by the COVID19 crisis. The stickers and t-shirts- provide people with a way to visibly show their support for all essential workers as well as helping working families navigate their way out of this crisis. Rusty added, “We feel strongly that the awareness we hope to create through “I’m Essential” brings out the positivity trapped inside many of us which is needed to move our communities forward.”

Rusty, a founding member of the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado (LCFC) has enlisted the LCFC to partner with the “I’m Essential” campaign to manage donations to the fund and assist in disseminating funds to local charitable organizations. Donations to the fund are tax deductible.

“We are just local guys wanting to give back to working families. We know that goodwill is inside of all us and we want everyone to know, WE ARE ALL ESSENTIAL,” said Enrique and Rusty.

One hundred percent of donations or proceeds generated from sales of t-shirts and stickers will go to established charitable organizations monthly to help ALL working families. To purchase stickers and t-shirts or to make a donation, go to: I’m Essential or


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