Lone Tree Most Trending Suburb for Renters

DENVER — More metro Denver renters are opting to move to the suburbs, either due to economic reasons like cheaper rent, or to simply escape the hustle and bustle of the city. RENTCafé has the data to back-up this claim.

RENTCafé recently uncovered the most coveted suburbs in the country, based on the renter population increase.

Here are some highlights on the suburbs in metro Denver:

  • Lone Tree is not only Denver’s most trending suburb, but based on a 66 percent increase in renter population, it is also ranked 14th at national level.
  • Thornton is the second area that caught renters’ attention, attracting 34 percent more renters in five years. Rents in this area didn’t stagnate either, they increased by 30 percent.
  • Third spot is claimed by Centennial, with a substantial, 28 percent hike to its renters. Similar to other areas, the costs of renting went up 21 percent as well.

Graphic courtesy of RENTCafé

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