Lotus Concepts Announces Wonderyard Garden + Table

Coming to the heart of Denver’s Ballpark district this winter, Lotus Concepts Management introduces Wonderyard Garden + Table, an enchanting urban dining oasis that hopes to revitalize downtown Denver with its culinary delights and charming outdoor garden. Located at 2200 Larimer St, Denver, Wonderyard will blend art deco aesthetics with a creative menu and cocktail program, providing a daytime atmosphere that transforms into a sophisticated, electric, and energetic nighttime escape.

Wonderyard reflects the ingenuity of Francois Safieddine, the entrepreneurial force and CEO of Lotus Concepts, the restaurant group behind ViewHouse and My Neighbor Felix. As a seasoned expert in Denver’s hospitality industry, Safieddine is renowned for curating unique dining experiences. However, Wonderyard will be in a league of its own. Drawing inspiration from “The Secret Garden” and “The Great Gatsby”, a once-vacant 1900s building will transform into an unparalleled, 21st-century retreat.

“When we discovered the 1900-era building that will soon be Wonderyard, I was struck by the space’s untapped potential,” shared Safieddine. “Unlike any other venue, our vision extends beyond conventional boundaries. Every aspect, from the food to the ambiance, is carefully curated to offer a one-of-a-kind journey for our guests. Wonderyard will represent more than just a culinary haven and nightlife destination, it will embody our commitment to crafting unique, unforgettable moments. I want all my concepts to be transformative, but Wonderyard has been a passion project close to my heart, and we’re dedicated to making it a hallmark of excellence and innovation in the Ballpark community.”

The 12,080-square-foot restaurant and patio will provide an eclectic blend of imaginative dining opportunities. Guests will find themselves cocooned in birdcage booths or sharing a meal at one of the restaurant’s teacup tables. Wonderyard will also unveil a repurposed turntable “carousel” that will rotate while guests dine in one of seven booths giving them a unique 360-degree vantage of the garden. Guests will be surrounded by lush plants and oversized 6.5-foot parrots and 2.5-foot to 3.5-foot butterfly sculptures in the tented garden, which will be heated during the winter. Stepping indoors, visitors will be welcomed by a tapestry of wallpapers, colorful décor and an expansive 33-foot by 6.5-foot LED screen that will display mesmerizing custom visuals to immerse guests deeper into the Wonderyard ambiance.

Guests can anticipate a thoughtfully curated menu featuring shareable dishes, including flatbreads, paninis and boards, all prepared with responsibly sourced ingredients emphasizing sustainability. The essence of Wonderyard lies not only in its food but also in its upscale bar program, where cocktails transcend the ordinary. The creative, Instagrammable, and zero-proof concoctions are designed to engage all senses, inviting guests on a journey of vivid flavors and tantalizing aromas. Examples include a beverage menu that is further elevated with the availability of large-format drinks, perfect for sharing with friends and showcasing on social media. Wonderyard is where culinary excellence and mixological innovation combine to create a remarkable dining adventure.

This winter, Wonderyard will be open for dinner daily and brunch on the weekends. For a glimpse into the world of Wonderyard please visit and follow Wonderyard on Instagram at @wonderyarddenver for updates and exclusive previews.

Wonderyard renderings courtesy of Lotus Concepts.

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