Massive Water Storage Tank Under Construction in Douglas County

Dominion Water & Sanitation District, a wholesale water, wastewater and stormwater provider for northwest Douglas County, has announced the start of construction of a two-million-gallon water storage tank in Douglas County.  The $5 million High Zone Water Tank bond project will provide drinking water storage to current and future customers of Dominion Water, as well as commercial and residential fire flow capabilities, including the potential to serve residential and commercial demand along the Highway 85 corridor.

“As demands grow into operating our Eastern water supply system, including the new water storage tank, Dominion Water will have the ability to take deliveries of water through the Eastern Regional Pipeline, which will deliver Dominion’s WISE water supplies, and has the capacity to bring additional water supplies to the region as new water supplies are developed,” said Mary Kay Provaznik, general manager of Dominion Water, which has provided renewable water and access to centralized wastewater service to Northwest Douglas County since 2004.  “As Douglas County continues to grow, we will be able to provide residential and commercial development with critical water and wastewater resources.”

Tank construction is expected to be concluded by December 2020 enabling initiation of testing of the Dominion’s Eastern Regional Delivery System.  The system is comprised of the WISE system and partnerships through Castle Rock and Parker, to the Dominion’s Eastern Regional Pipeline and the High Zone Water Tank. The 11-mile Eastern Regional Pipeline, also under construction and to be built this year, connects to the Town of Castle Rock’s water system and travels 11-miles along Highway 85 and rural areas in Northwest Douglas County to the High Zone Water Tank and on to the Larry D. Moore Water Treatment Plant. This system will connect Northwest Douglas County to the Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) system, delivering renewable water supplies to residents of Northwest Douglas County and adding 1,325 acre-feet of water to Dominion’s already robust and reliable water supply portfolio. The High Zone Tank is a key piece of infrastructure for the east side of Dominion’s regional supply.




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