Meow Wolf Denver Announces New Cocktail Lounge Opening this Fall

Something new is coming to Meow Wolf’s immersive art exhibition in Denver, and it’s refreshing. The experiential art hub that invites guests to explore four converged alien worlds is opening a sanctuary of chill amidst the hubbub of quantum travel.

Introducing Sips (with a Z), a new executive travel lounge designed for supreme Earther comfort within the Quantum Department of Transportation. Scheduled to open this fall, Sips (with a Z) is a full bar and lounge experience available only to guests exploring the cosmic wonders of Convergence Station.

Melding the super-luxe ambiance of an executive travel lounge with the boldness of graffiti art, Sips (with a Z) will provide cosmic travelers with a unique destination to unwind. Clocking in at 3,262 square feet, the lounge will be equally appropriate for high-end events and casual nights out (and it will be available for private rentals). With mirrored walls, vintage furniture, neon signs, classical sculptures, and street art accents, the Art Deco base of design mixed with street art creates a vibe of “high class
meets street.”

The QDOT designer’s reinterpretation of ordinary elements sparks artistic potential in everyday objects. Travelers can savor handcrafted cocktails and delectable snacks, featuring innovative flavors and imaginative presentations that transport them to otherworldly realms.

The launch of Sips (with a Z) aligns perfectly with the month-long celebration known as “Convergiversary,” commemorating the second anniversary of Convergence Station. This milestone will be marked by a month-long array of special events, fashion shows, and performances, creating a captivating atmosphere for guests to explore the boundaries of creativity and imagination.

“Meow Wolf Denver is excited to offer a new kind of luxury lounge experience with Convergence Station’s new executive travel lounge,” said Chadney Everett, the creative director of Convergence Station. “Come unwind with an artfully crafted cocktail in this stunning reinterpretation of Earthly elegance, designed by alien decorators with a unique perspective on human sophistication. Cheers to bridging the gap between quantum travel and supreme Earther comfort!”

Sips (with a Z) is poised to become a popular destination within Convergence Station and the greater multiverse, offering an extraordinary lounge experience where the cosmic and the culinary converge.

Mark your calendars for this fall and prepare to embark on a journey like no other.

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