Millionacres Launches New Investing Service

Millionacres, a real estate investing service by The Motley Fool, recently launched Real Estate Winners, a new entry-level offering that helps users build real estate allocations in their portfolios using real estate investment trusts (REITs), real estate equities, a regularly updated list of recommended investments, as well as a healthy dose of REIT education and ongoing updates on past recommendations.

“Real Estate Winners gives individual investors a game plan for getting exposure to real estate without becoming a landlord, needing to be accredited, or risking tens of thousands of dollars or more on a single investment,” said Austin Smith, director of Millionacres. “We believe that excellent, well-run, publicly traded REITs and other real estate companies can beat the overall stock market over time, as well as produce a superior income stream for investors who need it, all with a relatively low level of risk.”

To help investors harness the long-term return potential of real estate through the stock market, Real Estate Winners’ advisors identify a select group of real estate investments and REITs that are at the heart of some of the biggest demographic and technological trends shaping society today with generated returns of 15 %, 18%, and even 21% annually.

Millionacres also offers other premium subscription services, including Mogul, which expands on the website’s knowledge base with specific strategies investors can take today, including vetted recommendations for individual crowdfunded investments, REITs, equities, and tax-efficient planning.


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