Neenan Archistruction Celebrates Grand Opening of New Credit Union

Neenan Archistruction, a leading design-build firm based in Colorado, is celebrating the grand opening of its latest renovation project with the Premier Members
Credit Union (PMCU). This tenant-finish renovation was a catalyst for moving operations to a location central to the credit union’s members in the northern Denver metro area of Colorado.

The 1,669-square-foot redesigned space reflects Neenan Archistruction’s commitment to innovation and functionality. Notably, the renovated branch is the first within PMCU’s network to feature a fully functional electronic teller system, revolutionizing the banking experience for its clientele.

“Reflecting on the recent grand opening of PCMU Westminster branch renovation, we’re thrilled to see the impact of our collaborative efforts and longtime partnership,” said Michele Forrest, senior design manager with Neenan Archistruction. “Located in a central location for surrounding communities with a
fully electronic teller system, this PMCU branch exemplifies their unwavering dedication to serving their members.”

The new space features two additional office spaces, a work area and a break room, allowing for the credit union’s operations to be centralized in a location convenient to its members.

This project marks yet another milestone in the longstanding partnership between PMCU and Neenan Archistruction, which has flourished over the past five years through collaborative efforts on various branch openings.

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