New Colorado Start-up Begins Shipping One-Person Conference Rooms

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Denver, CO – TalkBox, a new Colorado start-up, has started delivering the first orders of their one-person conference rooms to clients in the Denver metro and San Francisco Bay areas. TalkBox booths are the solution to the 70% of U.S. offices which have adopted the open floor plan but are now dealing with the negative effects.

Since going to market with their first product during Denver Design Week in July 2016, the company has been busy with inquiries and orders from all over. “Almost everyone who works in a modern office today is familiar with the drawbacks of an open office and has been looking for solutions” says Todd Budin, the company’s co-founder.

Studies have shown that these environments can negatively impact productivity due to increased distractions and stress levels. For those needing to take a private call or hold an important phone meeting, the open-office is the last place workers want to be. “We hear of employees camping out in conference rooms, sitting in their cars or just staying home when they have important calls” says Nick Politte, TalkBox General Manager. These employee work-arounds ultimately hurt companies’ bottom lines in lost time and increased office absences.

TalkBox booths offer companies flexibility in open offices because they’re not messy to set up, are movable and scalable within the office, and they can be relocated to a new office when the lease is up. They’re also highly customizable, made from sustainable materials and manufactured in Denver, Colorado. “It was very important for us to find a local manufacturing partner, especially since many other products in the category are made overseas. For a new company, we wanted to be as close to the process as possible and also feel like we’re having an impact on the community we’re in [i.e. jobs].” says Budin.

Image courtesy of TalkBox

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