New Community Mural Program Announced for RiNo 

Photo courtesy of Nikki Rae Photography. Artists photographed are @crispysz + @goodlooksvol.1, artwork photographed by @mi_moegram).

Historically, murals have drawn over one million visitors per year to the RiNo Art District. And today, RiNo Art District, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit grassroots arts organization RiNo, shows its dedication for providing ongoing, paid opportunities for a diverse range of artists (especially local artists) with the launch of a new community mural program for 2021. 

RiNo Mural Program, which is being administered through Keep RiNo Wild, will run year-round, with at least one new installation featured each month on exterior building walls throughout the arts district. To kick off the program, RiNo Art District is partnering with IRL Art and Rob the Art Museum to create murals that commemorate Black History Month. Six mural installations located at 29th and Blake Streets are planned, along with a pop-up at B.L.A.C. Gallery at 2715 Larimer St. from Feb. 8-27.

“Implementing monthly installations allows us to provide ongoing, paid opportunities for a diverse range of artists, with a focus on showcasing local talent,” said Alexandrea Pangburn, director of curation for RiNo Art District. “Our goal with each of these murals is to nurture a sense of connectedness in our community, whether that’s through an exploration of the experience of the people who live here or a celebration of a particular neighborhood.”

Artists selected for the 2021 RiNo Mural Program will be paid by the RiNo Art District as part of the district’s effort to cultivate creative spaces and bring people together through creativity and culture. Businesses in the art district can donate their walls for the monthly installations and will be encouraged to contribute financially to the artists involved in the murals’ creation.

“By fostering stronger relationships between local businesses and artists, we hope to reinforce this area as the epicenter of Denver’s creative community in Denver,” added Pangburn.

Artists who would like to be considered for mural selection as well as businesses and building owners interested in volunteering their walls for a mural should reach out to Pangburn for more information.


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