New Denver Developer Focused on Quality of Life

MVRK Principals Jesse Hamilton and Jordan Meylan.)

A new Denver-based real estate development company has pledged to do development differently. MVRK (pronounced “mav(ǝ)rik”) promises tenants a high quality of life (QOL), taking a sociological approach to identifying the right opportunities in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boise, Spokane, and other high-QOL markets. By putting people at the center of their decision-making process, they’re able to engineer robust value propositions for both tenants and investors. MVRK focuses primarily on multifamily value-add acquisition and renovation, multifamily ground-up development, and townhome ground-up development for rent or sale.

Located at 1221 S. Clarkson St., MVRK is led by Principals Jesse Hamilton (Operations & Capital) and Jordan Meylan (Finance & Acquisitions). Together, they bring 30+ years of real estate experience that includes direct involvement with $5B+ in transactions, $65M+ in ground-up development, and $200M in executed value-add acquisitions and renovations. By thinking independently and innovating through empathy, Jesse and Jordan are able to create strong market leverage and asymmetric risk/reward profiles. Their approach makes it easy for investors to diversify their portfolios by investing in real estate. Investors share in rewards that outperform the stock market while avoiding the headaches of day-to-day management.

“Every market we invest in has to meet certain criteria that is very data-driven. But as we engage with the data side, we also understand the people side — the emotional side. This is why one of our market criteria is to not invest in a market we ourselves would not love to live in. Having that level of emotional connection to a market and the people within it is invaluable when it comes to attracting the right partners and consultants to execute our vision,” said Hamilton.

“Driven by a depth of sociological, socio-economic, and market knowledge, we focus on engineering strong asymmetric risk/reward profiles in every market and deal we select. The aim is to first identify all pertinent risks, and to strategize on the best ways to mitigate the risk while improving the reward, so that the end product is an asset where upside far outweighs downside,” said Meylan. “We also strongly believe as principals that those creating the plan should be responsible for executing the plan. This ensures a strong connectivity between theory and application — or to put it in real estate terms, between assumptions and execution.”


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