New Real Estate Investment Fund Provides Opportunity to Invest in Distressed Real Estate

King Communities purchased the apartment building at 850 Dexter in January 2022 and sold it in November 2022.
James King

Real estate veteran and turnaround specialist James King, founder of Denver-based King Communities, has introduced a real estate investment fund, providing people with the opportunity to invest in distressed real estate assets. The Contrarian RE Fund 1, LLC, researches, identifies and acquires multifamily and manufactured home communities that are being sold at steep discounts.

“These opportunities are beginning to present themselves as more distressed assets are coming online and property owners are struggling with increased debt,” said King, who along with his team of professionals has successfully owned and operated more than 2,000 units across the United States. “We are actively identifying distressed real estate assets and reviewing if they are viable options for our “Value-Add” business model. If they are, we are making purchase decisions regarding the properties and investigating the level of enhancements and improvements that need to be made for each property.”

The Contrarian RE Fund 1’s “Value-Add” business model has realized significant profits since King first started implementing it in 2009. By purchasing properties with low rental rates and making substantial physical and operational enhancements that improve both the property and resident experience, King has been able to consistently achieve higher rental rates and refinance initial capital investment.

More information regarding the Contrarian RE Fund is available by contacting James King at (

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