Over 50 A/E/C Firms Attend HCC Women in Leadership Event

The Hispanic Contractors of Colorado (HCC) – a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation focused on supporting small and diverse architect, engineering and construction (A/E/C) firms – kicked off their Women in Leadership committee with a breakfast at the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus (CCIC) on January 20. With more than 50 A/E/C firms in attendance and nearly 100 attendees, the need for supporting women in this ever-evolving industry was evident through the enthusiasm and energy throughout the room.

“For the last 20 years, the HCC has truly been in a leader in supporting an array of diverse firms within the A/E/C industry,” said Chris Martinez, HCC executive director. “As a diversity leader, we felt there was a huge need also to show focused support for women within the industry. Our committee has been meeting for the past five months and has made great strides to ensure we offer events that are focused on the needs of women, while bringing men to the table as well.”

Dr. Barbara Jackson, director of the Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management at the University of Denver, was the keynote speaker at the event – offering great eye-opening statistics to show why women were made for construction. Dr. Jackson is also the CEO & Founder of Women Who Build, Inc., an organization dedicated to being a proactive on-demand resource network to support women within the construction industry.

“I believe that women participating and leading in the industry is key to its transformation,” says Dr. Jackson. “By building a network of support for women in construction, we are securing the future of the industry. It’s always inspiring to see a room full of men and women who value the importance of our future.”

The venue for the HCC’s Women in Leadership event was very fitting for its kick-off, as change starts with youth. CCIC is known for its national-leading professional resources to give students a learning environment of innovation and real-life experiences. Eight female CCIC students were also in attendance to network with A/E/C professionals.

“It’s important for our female students, interested in construction, to see that there’s a place for them in this industry,” said Sarah Grobbel, Cherry Creek Schools assistant superintendent of career and innovation. “Infrastructure Engineering is one of our seven Pathways offered at our school and we also want to be a part of attracting and supporting young women interested in this industry where there is a need for it.”

From potential book clubs and happy hours to professional coaching opportunities, the HCC Women in Leadership Committee is planning an array of events throughout the year to support its mission – champion an inclusive environment to attract, develop, support and retain women in the A/E/C industry.

If interested in future Women in Leadership events, please contact to learn more about the HCC and how to get involved.

Photos courtesy of The Unfound Door

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