PatioBox to Offer Denver Restaurants Outdoor Dining Solution

RoxBox Containers, a Denver-based manufacturing company, is utilizing shipping container modifications to meet the needs of many local establishments, providing restaurant patrons outdoor seating this winter. The solution comes in light of the city’s extension of the temporary outdoor dining program through October 2021.

RoxBox has designed the PatioBox, a modified shipping container that includes door openings, lights, electrical and heaters. The PatioBox comes in four different models with numerous upgrade options such as a rooftop deck for future seasons. Different sizes accommodate the varying outdoor space and budget available to local restaurants.

“We recognized that outdoor seating has become a vital part of the survival plan for many local restaurants, but they didn’t have viable options going into the winter months,” said Anthony Halsch, CEO of RoxBox. “We wanted to provide a sustainable and innovative solution to help these local businesses through the long winter ahead.”

The modified containers act as semi-permanent structures that offer more shelter than tents. Containers can also be integrated into a more long-term development plan. The PatioBox is the latest in RoxBox’s innovative food and beverage line that includes bars, commercial kitchens, and more.

Certain PatioBox models are available for rent or lease. Financing will also be available, as well as special discounts for local businesses.

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