PCL Construction Adopts Comprehensive Mental Health Care Package

PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc. has announced the integration of Lyra Health, the leading provider of workforce mental health solutions, into its U.S. benefits package. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, this addition marks a significant step forward in PCL’s ongoing commitment to prioritize its employees’ mental health and well-being.

The construction industry is renowned for its resilience, adaptability and teamwork. However, it is also an industry that can be physically and mentally demanding, with high-stress levels, long hours and a unique set of challenges that can take a toll on our employees’ mental well being: Unfortunately, construction records the second-highest suicide rate among major industries with 83% of construction workers saying they’ve experienced some kind of mental health issue.

“Recognizing and addressing the mental health of our employees is vital to our business and a critical concern within our industry. With the integration of Lyra Health into our benefits package, we’re taking a substantial leap forward in our ongoing commitment to support our employees,” said Deron Brown, PCL president and chief operating officer, U.S. Operations.

As part of the Lyra integration, PCL is offering its U.S. employees and their family members six complimentary therapy sessions with high-quality providers, regardless if the employee participates in PCL benefit plans. Providers matched with employees are included in PCL’s benefits plan for those who opt to extend sessions beyond the initial six complimentary sessions. Employees will also gain access to an array of additional resources from Lyra, including evidence-based articles, videos, meditations and exercises, and 24/7 support from Lyra’s Care Navigator Team.

In an industry where “toughing it out” has often been the go-to approach when combatting internal struggles, PCL’s adoption of Lyra represents a significant stride towards encouraging open conversations around mental health.

“As a company, PCL values the importance of mental well-being for our employees and their families,” said Bridget McNerney, PCL benefits and compliance manager. “We want our employees to use Lyra to help face anything, from life’s day-to-day challenges to more complex needs. Lyra provides a benefit I’m proud PCL offers our employees and one where we can feel confident our employees are getting the support they need when they need it.”

As awareness has grown for the urgent need to address construction’s mental health crisis, the industry has become united in offering resources and support. PCL leadership has advocated for an increased focus on mental wellness in a series of thought leadership articles, and earlier this year PCL served as a sponsor of the Construction Working Minds Summit. Through open dialogue, PCL is creating a culture that promotes preventative care, destigmatizes seeking help and fosters mental health awareness. The movement of promoting mental health is just beginning, with PCL poised to become an advocate for change in years to come.

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