Peak Realty Rebrands to Cross Street 

Chase McGuire, strategic growth manager, Cross Street. Photo credit: Cross Street

In a strategic move reflecting years of growth and evolution, Peak Realty has announced its transformation into Cross Street. The rebrand encapsulates tremendous growth based on personal relationships and expertise in leasing, residential, and multifamily investment.

“Our evolution into Cross Street symbolizes our commitment to innovation and service that seamlessly benefits renters, buyers and investors in current and new markets alike,” says Shane Rachman, president of Cross Street. “We are dedicated to continuing to provide top-tier leasing services while increasing our resources in the residential and multifamily space.”

In just five years, the Cross Street team has doubled, with over 12,000 units exclusively leased and over $200 million in closed multifamily/residential sales. Twelve months after opening a second office in Denver, the team has experienced remarkable growth Including scaling 300 percent and establishing a strong presence in the region with local developers.

“The successful launch of our Denver office reflects our vision and signals the growing demand for our specialized expertise and services. This rapid scaling underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in every market we enter,” says Rachman.

A Bold New Identity:

The name “Cross Street” and tagline “The corner of people and place” represent the important connections and intersecting parts of life and business. With an unrelenting commitment to its core values of integrity, creativity and client satisfaction, Oren Pollack, VP of sales, believes Cross Street provides compelling reasons for the highest-level sales talent to join their team.

“Our partnerships with multifamily developers allows our brokers a platform to build real relationships quickly and subsequently their own book of business,” he says.

This model is proving successful as Cross Street’s exclusive leasing inventory has grown over 20 percent year-over-year while the residential/multi-family sales volume has grown over 50 percent in the same timeframe.

A Vision for Continued Growth in 2024:

Expanding into more markets that align with the company’s core audience, particularly targeting urban markets, Rachman declares Cross Street’s innovative model to real estate can make a significant impact in the area they serve through their data-driven approach and “people first” mentality.

“This year we’re poised for a year of continued expansion and exploration for Cross Street. We are actively listening to our clients, and with them identifying markets that resonate with our vision, with a specific focus on urban environments. The rebrand is more than a change in name; it’s an evolution that positions Cross Street as an authentic consultant In the real estate landscape,” according to Pollack.

Rachman adds, “Our new brand represents our company’s culture and intention to be true partners in our clients’ lives and businesses. We believe that whether you are renting your first apartment, purchasing your first home for more space, or planning the next megadevelopment, everyone encounters a cross street in their lives. At Cross Street, we stand as expert partners, ready to navigate the real estate element of your intersection with a long-term mindset as the subject matter expert.”

Cross Street has a presence in Chicago and Denver. Specializing in leasing/marketing services with a rapidly growing residential and multifamily sales team, Cross Street is committed to delivering an elevated real estate experience for its multifaceted customer base.

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