Pinkard Install Air Purification Solution at Lakewood Senior Living Community

The Ridge at Pinehurst in Lakewood features 360 residential units for seniors. (Lantz-Boggio Architects)

In an effort to create safe environments for seniors and their families to connect, Pinkard Construction has successfully installed Global Plasma Solutions’ (GPS) needlepoint bi-polar ionization air quality units at The Ridge Pinehurst Senior Living in Lakewood. This technology is tested and proven to deactivate 99.4 percent of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus along with many other pathogens.

“I’m grateful to be working with a team of progressive senior living professionals that are working hard to create safe environments for seniors and their families to connect,” said Mandy Hampton, the chief operating officer for The Ridge Pinehurst Senior Living. “The reality is that this may have been the last holiday season for many of our residents and we must allow them to create memories and spend time together. This generation has sacrificed more than any other generation living and locking them up is not the solution. We have to find a balanced approach to having families spend meaningful time with one another while also being safe. The isolation and resulting depression these residents are facing is a serious situation and we cannot afford to keep pretending that COVID is their only risk. They deserve a rich, meaningful, and wonderful life in their final years.”

As of June 10, 2020, GPS is the first air purification solution to achieve a 99.4 percent reduction of the SARS-CoV-2  within 30 minutes, according to a 3rd party test. The patented technology uses an electronic charge to create a high concentration of positive and negative ions. As these ions travel with the airstream they attach to particles, pathogens, and gases. The ions deactivate pathogens by robbing them of the energy source, hydrogen.

“COVID-19 is a significant threat to our seniors’ physical, mental, and emotional health. NBPI and other types of innovative technologies are crucial to the health and safety within our senior communities. We hope that steps like this can help create an environment that ends the isolation that so many of them are suffering from,” said Jeff Barnes, Chief Development Officer for Pinkard Construction. “We are very excited to bring our clients a technology that is proven to help reduce these types of pathogens.”

This project is a result of a Pinkard-created Senior Living Think Tank. This is a campaign designed to bring senior living industry experts together under the shared mission of exploring the emerging challenges facing the industry and residents, then lead the conversation towards discovering solutions.

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