RealNex VideoMaker Launches for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Storyvine, Inc., a Denver-based video technology company, has partnered with RealNex, a leading commercial real estate technology solutions company, to launch RealNex VideoMaker, powered by Storyvine. The new software allows users to capture video content and create branded videos of property tours that can be linked to RealNex RealCampaigns, MarketPlace Listings and MarketEdge marketing materials.

“As we continue to build out our marketing offerings, we are pleased to partner with Storyvine to feature video creation as one of the many marketing tools available through our platform,” stated Jeffrey Finn, CEO for RealNex. “The demand for video creation increases each year and our clients will benefit from the ease of video creation via the Storyvine platform.”

Storyvine VideoGuide templates simplify video creation by guiding the real estate professionals through a series of step-by-step, prompted questions. Once the responses are filmed, users upload the video, and it goes through an “Automagically” edit process that results in a branded video in less than five minutes. The Storyvine Video Management System allows users to film anywhere from a smartphone and produces a professional-looking video that can be downloaded and shared across platforms.

“We uncovered that commercial real estate professionals have ‘meta-stories’ to share,” said Kyle Shannon, co-founder and CEO for Storyvine. “We designed the RealNex VideoMaker to give brokers the ability to create branded videos at scale. We’re thrilled to launch a new kit and to have it integrated with RealNex’s platform.”

The RealNex VideoMaker, powered by Storyvine allows real estate professionals to use their iOS or Android smartphone to create unlimited videos, including:

Broker Profiles: Easily create a professional broker introduction video
Property Walkthroughs: Create a simple overview of a property for your listings
Customer Testimonials: Allow customers to easily share their experience with your firm
Short VideoNotes: Easily keep the human touch with this simple VideoNote template

The RealNex VideoMarker features unlimited videos, personalized branding, pre-built VideoGuide Templates, gives access to two program managers and up to 50 story makers a month, as well as the ability to publish to YouTube automatically.

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