Register to Participate in Construction Suicide Prevention Week

In 2020, a mission-driven group of volunteers from across the construction industry came together with the goal of saving lives. They collaborated to launch the inaugural Suicide Prevention Week for the industry (Sept. 4-8, 2023) — a week dedicated to raising awareness about the higher-than-average number of suicides in the construction industry, and to providing resources to help prevent those deaths.

Every year, during September — National Suicide Prevention Month — the construction industry will dedicate a week to raising awareness about the unique challenges workers face in construction that lead to suicide and what we can do to prevent it. Together, we can save lives.


Use the resources provided to plan activities with your workers during Suicide Prevention Week. Participating companies will receive an OSHA-recognized, industry-endorsed certificate of participation and badge to display on their website and social media.

In 2022, nearly a quarter million construction workers representing 48 states and territories of the U.S. registered their participation in Construction Suicide Prevention Week. That’s an increase over the more than 68,000 workers from 32 states who participated in 2021. Let’s reach even more people in 2023 to save even more lives.


When it comes to preventing suicide, the idea of where to start can be overwhelming.  compiled a library of resources to help you get started — from videos to websites to toolbox talks and much more, we have what you need to put a program together for your workplace that
could save lives

CLICK HERE to register your organization to participate in Construction Suicide Prevention Week.

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