Renovation of Denver Affordable Apartments Complete

Sierra Vista Affordable Apartments, 8851 E. Florida Ave, Denver.

LAKEWOODPinkard Construction, with owner Sierra Vista Housing Partners, owner’s representative The ITEX Group, and WORKSHOP8 architects, has completed renovations of the $10.9 million Sierra Vista Affordable Apartments in Denver.

The 40+ year old, 209-unit facility, which consists of four, three-story wings radiating from a central clubhouse-hub was renovated on a rolling-occupancy basis. The renovation plan, developed with input from the owner and architect, included a wing-by-wing approach, with each wing requiring approximately 90 days to complete.

During each 90-day cycle, affected residents were moved to extended stay facilities. 11 ADA units were completely gutted and renovated, while the remaining 198 units received partial abatement, room reconfigurations, new flooring, fixtures, kitchen cabinets and countertops, and paint.

The Sierra Vista central-hub clubhouse/offices building received fire alarm/fire sprinkler upgrades along with a new water service line to serve the sprinkler system. These life safety upgrades were conducted concurrent with the four-wing renovations.

Pinkard contracted the demolition/abatement contractor, who worked closely with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) subcontractors to complete rough-in layouts during the demolition/abatement phase. Pinkard also provided design-build mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services during preconstruction. Throughout construction, the project schedule and budget were constantly challenged by unforeseen conditions including termite remediation and additional discoveries of asbestos hot-spots.

The project was partially funded with 4 percent Low Income Tax Credits (LIHTC), and was designed and constructed to conform to Enterprise Green Communities Criteria. Substantial completion was achieved October 2018.

Photos courtesy of Pinkard

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