River Mile Project Could Break Ground in 2020

SA+R is the architect for the River Mile Master Plan

Development of the proposed “River Mile” project on the 17 acres of parking around Elitch Gardens, may start in the next few years, according to Rhys Duggan, president and CEO of Revesco Properties.

Revesco owns and plans to redevelop the site where Elitch Gardens currently sits in the Central Platte Valley-Auraria District. The plan could start in 2020 and Duggan and city leaders hope to have the rezoning phase of the project done by the end of the year.

Preliminary discussions regarding the future of Elitch Gardens have begun, with Duggan reiterating that the park will stay put for the near future.

The plan aims to build a complete city neighborhood with a wide range of uses open to all, including schools, retail, community centers, residences and workplaces. It will be a walkable community that allows for multi-modal transportation.

Parking maximums would likely be included in the development, though that hasn’t been finalized, according to Duggan and Brad Buchanan, Denver’s director of Community Planning and Development. Including a diverse array of affordable housing options is another big goal for the development, as well as a bike and pedestrian bridge connecting to the Auraria Campus.

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Photo courtesy of Revesco Properties

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