Saunders Publishes 10th Consecutive Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Saunders completed Confluence, a high-end mixed-use condominium project in Fort Collins.

Saunders Construction is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. Started in Fall 2009 by an eager group of Saunders employees who also started the Green Committee, Saunders’ first annual CSR Report was published in 2010. This committee was charged with researching and implementing a comprehensive CSR program, and it still stands today as a testament to Saunders’ continued investment in aligning its economic, environmental and social goals. This also reaffirms the organization’s commitment to the betterment of standards within the industry and the footprint they leave behind. This year marks a decade of continuous improvement and commitment to a cause that has become ingrained in Saunders’ company culture.

“Embarking on CSR was much more an extension of our core values than it was an initiative to start from the ground up. In simpler terms, the impetus was already in place — with employees already leading the charge — to implement a formal CSR program,” said Greg Schmidt, Saunders’ CEO. “Not only am I pleased with the staying power that CSR has established, but I’m proud of the fact that we’ve been able to take a virtual unknown in our industry 10 years ago and really institutionalize it into the very fabric of our company.”

As one of the first in the construction industry to formalize a CSR program, Saunders had the opportunity to really prioritize the aspects that resonated with the company’s culture while making the most meaningful impact on the social community, environment and economy. The last year has been a culmination of years of planning, both in succession and intentional market expansion. Saunders saw the retirement of several senior leaders at the company and a thoughtful, forward-thinking succession approach that ensured future leaders continued success. This year also brought the first start-to-finish joint effort between two Saunders subsidiaries. With Confluence, a high-end mixed-use condominium project in Fort Collins, Saunders Development Company and Saunders Heath were able to see a project from drawing board to completion.

“As we look to the future, we’ll again strive to connect our business to the greater good — whether that’s social, economic or environmental. We’re extremely proud of the progress we’ve made in these areas and commit to another decade of meaningful contributions,” said Schmidt. “This report is part of that responsibility and it showcases how we develop and apply our skills to ensure we’re doing our part.”

Saunders uses the B Corp Impact Assessment as a framework for CSR goals and in 2019 received a B Corp Score of 95.9 — the average company of similar size earns a score of 57.4. The overall 10-year impact is wide-ranging and illustrates just how substantial this effort has been:

Saunders’ 10-Year Impact

  • 186,166 Total Tons of Waste Diverted
  • 57 LEED Certified Projects Built
  • $425 Million Economic Impact to Small and Diverse Businesses
  • 4,162 Total Hours Volunteered for Building Confidence in Kids®
  • 58,246 Total Hours of Training to Employees
  • New Benefits Include 100% Paid Parental Leave, PTO For Laborers, and 4-Week Sabbatical After 10 Years of Service

Click here to read the 2019 CSR Report.


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