Shift Workspaces Offers Members Rent Relief in April

For all that’s changed since COVID-19 began dominating the headlines weeks ago, one thing hasn’t. Monthly rent payments. That is, until now.

For Grant Barnhill, founder and CEO of Shift Workspaces, a Colorado coworking firm built on the values of mutuality, care, and social responsibility, the decision to waive April fees for his 500 members was simple.

“Making money has never been our top priority, our big ‘why’ has always been to build a business that is a force for good,” Barnhill said in a Sunday afternoon email to his members.

Barnhill said he began fielding messages of concern from members late last week, as social distancing became a reduction of in-person workforce, which turned into a “stay-at-home” order issued by Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock.

In the end, his decision was rooted in a theme central to Shift’s ethos: to take care of its member community.

“I believe this is the right thing to do,” Barnhill said. “It’s my sincere hope that this temporary reprieve helps our members pay their employees, stabilize their businesses and use Shift – and our community – as a place to begin working through this challenging time.”

His two locations – Shift Corona at 383 Corona St. and Shift Bannock at 1001 Bannock St. – offer coworking access from $299 per month and private office memberships from $625 per month. Dedicated desks are available from $450 per month.

Although Mayor Hancock’s “stay-at-home” order means that Shift Workspaces will not be staffed full-time, Barnhill says he is looking to the future – and that includes investing in new air and environmental purification technology that will be installed at both locations to hopefully provide his members with a renewed peace of mind.

“The experience we strive to create is all about being ‘better,’ whether that’s for our members our community or our environment,” Barnhill said. “While this unexpected and unprecedented situation has disrupted the way our members work, we understand and respect the guidance from state and local officials. I firmly believe that we will weather this storm together and come out stronger on the other side.”


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