Spectrum AMT Expands Operations in Colorado Springs

Ocutrx - Spectrum Advanced Manufacturing Campus.

Colorado Springs-based Spectrum Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (Spectrum AMT), which has been a driving force in ISO 9000 precision electronics and assemblies manufacturing for over 25 years, has announced a significant expansion of its operations in Colorado Springs, thanks, in part, to the support and encouragement from the Colorado Economic Development Commission and state and local governments.

Spectrum AMT is owned by Ocutrx Technologies, Inc. the developer of the groundbreaking AR/XR medical device headsets: OcuLenz™ (for patients) and the ORLenz (for surgeons). Ocutrx was founded by brothers Michael H. and Mitchael C. Freeman, two Emmy Award-winning inventors. With the addition of two new buildings, the Spectrum AMT location will now be called the “Ocutrx-Spectrum Advanced Manufacturing Campus.”

On February 15, 2024, Ocutrx and Spectrum AMT received unanimous approval from the Colorado Economic Development Commission (EDC) Job Growth Incentive Tax Credits. This approval allocates $1,281,974 over eight years for the creation of up to 101 net new jobs.

“Colorado is a leader in advanced manufacturing, and Spectrum AMT will create over 100 new good-paying jobs in this important industry. We are thrilled to see Spectrum AMT expand in Colorado Springs and this new investment will help Colorado remain the best place to live, work and do business,” said Governor Polis.

The Job Growth Incentive is related to the purchase of a new manufacturing complex, which will be modified to a 12,500 square feet site called the “Brig. Gen; Richard C and Gwendolyn Freeman Commercial Manufacturing Center” (the Freeman Center) which will house new ISO 8 Class 100,000 Optical Cleanrooms for the production of the OcuLenz and ORLenz AR/XR headsets and the StereoLenz™ “glasses-free” 3D monitors and is expected to create over 100 new local jobs. Brig. Gen. Richard C Freeman and Gwen were the Ocutrx founders’ parents. Their father was a highly decorated USAF jet fighter pilot and entrepreneur who was afflicted with advanced macular degeneration (AMD), which led to the foundation of Ocutrx and the OcuLenz for AMD medical devices which correct for the condition.

“This expansion signifies a strategic response to the growing demand for Spectrum AMT’s expertise in high-reliability electronics manufacturing and assembly,” said Jeff Gilbert, Spectrum’s chief operating officer. “We are deeply appreciative of our partnership with 5Star Bank and remain firmly committed to not only supporting critical industries like aerospace and defense but also contributing meaningfully to the advancement of technologies that shape the future, from space exploration and scientific discovery to addressing global medical challenges. We are proud to be part of a Colorado ecosystem that fosters innovation and economic growth, and we are excited to continue playing a vital role in Colorado Springs. This community has been instrumental in our beginning and continued success.”

In addition to the newly purchased facility, the expansion will enlarge the facility’s capacity by adding a 3,000-square-foot segregated cleanroom facility reserved for wiring and harnessing, called the “Deep Space Center”. Wiring and harnessing for deep space often present special challenges that require ultra-care and cleanrooms to reduce the possibility of contamination on the metal wires which can grow in space. Even a small flake of a contaminant can cause a huge problem over time in a critical space wiring assembly. Likewise, odors and the potential for accidental magnetic field forming and other concerns must be eliminated. Spectrum AMT will consolidate all its wiring and harnessing into its new “Deeb Space” clean facility.

Spectrum AMT has produced assemblies for the Goddard Space Flight Center for the Spitzer, Hubbell, James Webb, and now the Roman Space telescopes. The company’s electronic assemblies have been on NASA’s DART Double Asteroid Redirection Test, the Parker Solar Probe, NASA’s mission to touch the sun, and the Psyche Mission, NASA’s first mission to use laser communications instead of radio frequencies, just launched last October for which Spectrum provided the switching electronics.

“I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Spectrum AMT on their continued investment and expansion in Colorado Springs. As a leader in medical, commercial, and defense technology, Spectrum AMT’s expansion will bring with it a wave of exciting opportunities,” said Mayor of Colorado Springs, Yemi Mobolade. “Their decision to expand here is a testament to our City’s skilled workforce and vibrant business environment. Furthermore, it showcases the incredible potential of Colorado Springs as a city for business retention, growth, and advancement. We look forward to continuing our partnership long into the future with their groundbreaking AR/XR technology that will continue to bring high-paying jobs and millions of economic investments into our community.”

“Colorado Springs is recognized around the world for our talented workforce, cutting-edge technology, and quality of life, which supports business innovation and growth,” said Johnna Reeder Kleymeyer, president and CEO of Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC. “Spectrum AMT will bring hundreds of well-paying, high-tech manufacturing jobs to our region, boosting our local businesses and the economy, supporting national security missions, and solidifying the Pikes Peak region’s competitive standing as a sought-after place to live, work, and play.”

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