Stantec-Designed Animal Hospital Opens at Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo Surgery Suite. Photo courtesy of Stantec.

Denver Zoo’s state-of-the-art Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Animal Hospital is now open to the public. The new facility, which replaces the nearly 40-year-old hospital, is designed to treat the Zoo’s 3,000-plus animals as well as provide guests a deep look inside animal care. The 22,000-square-foot facility includes two treatment rooms, critical care units, and a cutting-edge surgical suite.

The Denver office of global architecture and engineering firm Stantec provided architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, lighting design, and project management on the project. The facility was funded in large part by the Elevate Denver Bond Program, which Denver voters approved in 2017, as well as from the Helen and Arthur E Johnson Foundation.

“The Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Animal Hospital will greatly improve our ability to provide world-class care to the more than 3,000 animals that call Denver Zoo home,” said George Pond, Denver Zoo senior vice president for planning and design. “This facility is designed and equipped to serve our animals and guests exceptionally well for many years to come, and we’re grateful to Stantec for their significant contribution to the project.”

In addition to providing care for Zoo animals, the new hospital raises awareness of the Zoo’s mission—Inspiring Communities to Save Wildlife for Future Generations—and provides a powerful connection to Zoo guests. The Schlessman Family Foundation Visitor and Education Center’s elevated viewing platform allows guests a first-hand look at the Zoo’s industry-leading veterinary care. The treatment rooms, surgery suite, and laboratory are viewable to Zoo visitors, guest veterinarians, researchers, and students through large windows. Additionally, operating table lights are installed with cameras, allowing lobby visitors to see what the Zoo’s veterinarians are seeing through television displays broadcasting live from the surgery suite. When the treatment rooms are not in use, video displays and an on-staff facilitator provide information on the many procedures performed annually at the Zoo.

With a focus on the use of advanced medical equipment, Denver Zoo is among just a handful of animal hospitals in the country to include a CT scanner, using advanced imaging to revolutionize the ability to diagnose and treat animal patients. It also has digital radiography equipment, ultrasonography, endoscopy units, and advanced anesthesia monitoring.

“It’s thrilling to have the new Denver Zoo animal hospital welcome visitors for the first time,” said Alexander Thome, Stantec principal based in Denver. “Working with Denver Zoo to create a facility that raises the bar for animal care, while also engaging the public to better understand the Zoo’s mission via the guest-viewing experience has been a wonderful collaboration.”


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