Starting Together: GE Johnson Raises Mental Health Awareness

In November 2021, GE Johnson hosted a mental health awareness week themed Starting Together. The week was used as a time for the company to talk about mental health at work and provide some tools for improving mental health at work and at home.

A 2020 study found that 83 percent of construction workers have experienced a mental health issue, and according to the Centers for Disease Control, the construction industry’s suicide rate is four times greater than other industries. While GE Johnson has not seen this as an issue firsthand, the company is proactively highlighting resources that are available for employees and their families to use.

Daily communications included topics on identifying stressors, promoting self-care, and making connections. Tools and resources were sent to staff and craft along with home mailers for families to get involved.

Employees were sent perception surveys before and after the event to gauge how people felt about discussing mental health and if they had adequate resources available to them. Many people reported they were thankful that the company provided the opportunity to discuss mental health and get the ongoing conversation started:

“I am proud to work for a company that provides a space of learning and puts its people first. Mental health is more important than it has ever been and I feel supported by GE Johnson by having these conversations and taking time out of our busy weeks to talk about it as a company.”

GE Johnson is headquartered in Colorado Springs with regional offices in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming. The building portfolio includes projects in healthcare, education, multi-family/hospitality, advanced technology, commercial office, public/Federal, and cultural markets.

On September 30, GE Johnson joined the DPR Construction family of companies. DPR Construction is a forward-thinking, self-performing general contractor and construction manager specializing in technically complex and sustainable projects for the advanced technology, life sciences, healthcare, higher education and commercial markets. The move offers both companies strategic growth and employee development opportunities. GE Johnson will continue to further its presence in the Mountain States by leveraging DPR’s global customer relationships. At the same time, employees of both firms will see increased career and growth opportunities.

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