The Aurora Highlands Welcomes the Opening of New E-470 Exit Ramp

From left to right - Developers Carlo and Carla Ferreira, Jason Hagerty of Kiewit and Matt Hopper, chairman of The Aerotropolis Regional Transportation Authority.

December 15 marked a significant milestone for The Aurora Highlands master-planned community and the greater Denver metro area, as the newly constructed northbound exit ramp off E-470 onto The Aurora Highlands Parkway, leading directly into The Aurora Highlands community, opened to the public. This development signifies a major step forward in the region’s growth and connectivity, particularly for the residents and future homeowners of The Aurora Highlands. 

The inaugural drive on the new ramp was led by the father-daughter development team of The Aurora Highlands, Carlo and Carla Ferreira; along with Matt Hopper, chairman of The Aerotropolis Regional Transportation Authority (ARTA), and Construction Project Manager Jason Hagerty of Kiewit

“Today also happens to be my birthday,” Carla Ferreira said. “Celebrating by driving down this new gateway that leads straight to our community’s heart is not just a personal joy, but a profound symbol of the strides we’ve taken. It is a testament to this community’s growth and the promise of a vibrant, connected future we are building together. We could not be prouder to continue working with the City of Aurora, ARTA, Adams County, E470 and the Colorado Department of Transportation to make these dreams into reality.” 

Nestled near Denver International Airport, The Aurora Highlands is a 4,000-acre master-planned community that is reshaping the eastern expanse of the Denver metro area. Currently home to around a thousand residents, this burgeoning community is meticulously designed to welcome tens of thousands more upon completion. With its first of four schools already inaugurated by Aurora Public Schools last fall, The Aurora Highlands is rapidly evolving into a vibrant hub for both residents and visitors. The community will boast an array of amenities, including a public art park, the Beach Club, a bustling shopping district, and a civic center, all contributing to its allure as a future central gathering place. 

Strategically positioned within the transformative Aerotropolis region, The Aurora Highlands is poised to play a pivotal role in the region’s economic boom, anticipated to generate 170,000 jobs in the metro area.  

The E-470 interchange project at The Aurora Highlands Parkway broke ground in January 2023. The upcoming completion of the full E-470 interchange in spring 2024 is set to further enhance the accessibility and convenience of this thriving community, seamlessly connecting it to the wider region and marking a new chapter in its development. 

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