TRIBUS Launches Destination Coaching Division

Denver-based TRIBUS, the leader in real estate brokerage platforms and services for medium and large brokerages, is announcing the official launch of its coaching program after a year of development and testing with brokerages. The company announced the new division as Destination Coaching and is immediately available to select TRIBUS clients.

“I am so excited to be a part of the TRIBUS vision of bringing real estate sales coaching to all agents, provided by their brokerage. Destination Coaching provides a groundbreaking roadmap with a proprietary success formula.  Real estate is an industry loaded with distractions, Destination Coaching clears the path to reach maximum success.” said Johnny Pfeiffer, Director of Brokerage Coaching at TRIBUS.

There are specific tracks designed for brand-new agents, veteran agents, team leaders/members, and staff. Unlike other generic or group coaching platforms, all coaching is one-on-one and tailored to each individual’s needs.  Each track focuses individuals on ascending to the next tier in the program. These intention-powered tracks are based on consistency and accountability and focus on building sustainable pipelines and practices. For example, new agents focus on developing daily habits while executives and office managers focus on business planning, profits, recruiting, and retention.

As clients of the company, brokerage executives and staff will have additional access to Destination Coaching programs at no additional cost. These one-on-one programs include deep dives into business planning, mission statements, commission structures, budgets, marketing initiatives, recruitment and retention.

“Brokerage owners and staff should expect more from their vendors.  No longer should they accept a ‘set it and forget it’ approach to technology.  Through this foundational shift in service, TRIBUS continues to set itself head and shoulders above all other companies in terms of service and thus in terms of adoption and ROI for our clients.  We are laser focused on executing our vision of the TRIBUS Touch.” said Eric Stegemann, CEO of TRIBUS.

The entire launch will happen over the next 30 days, exclusively to TRIBUS customers.

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