Turner Construction Tops Out on Immersive Art Experience

Turner Construction recently celebrated the placement of the final steel beam to the future home of Meow Wolf, a 101,000-square-foot interactive, art and entertainment museum located west of downtown Denver. With this milestone, the team is one step closer to bringing the Santa Fe, New Mexico-based company to Denver area residents and visitors.

The project team also includes Revesco Properties, SA+R, and KL&A.

“The location, tucked in between overpasses, has created a unique challenge,” said Construction Executive Aaron Laird, reflecting on the project which began in November, 2018, with the demolition of an existing industrial building. “The other unique aspect is the intricate detail of the steel structure. There are a lot of radiuses and elevated walkways, so the engineering is quite impressive.”

Meow Wolf Denver is now a year out from completion as the project team transitions to enclosures and interior trades. Upon opening its doors to the public, the building will include a theater, dining area, retail space, lobby, and kitchen. The remaining space will be dedicated to art exhibits and is specifically designed to maximize the variety of exhibits and ways they connect to one another. Visitors will enjoy a multidimensional mystery house, portals to magical worlds, and interactive art unlike anything else they’ve experienced. “At the end of the day, it’s going to be a great facility enjoyed by all,” added Laird.

Photo courtesy of Turner Construction

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