Uplands Forms Collective to Support Placed-Based Economic Development Efforts

Uplands, a proposed mixed-use, sustainable in-fill community adjacent to the iconic “Westminster Castle,” today announced the formation of the Uplands Community Collective (UCC). Founded to create a thriving and resilient community in and around Uplands, the UCC aims to build a place-based economy that weaves food, agriculture and workforce development together with the project’s planned housing, office and retail spaces.

The UCC, a nonprofit organization, is led by community development expert Eric Kornacki. In addition to serving as UCC director, Kornacki serves as president and CEO of THRIVE Partners, an organization created to provide communities with the tools to establish healthy, resilient and inclusive economies.

“Optimizing economic opportunity not only contributes to the vitality of our communities, but ensures that local businesses can thrive, schools can succeed, and neighborhoods remain vibrant,” said Jeff Handlin, founder of Oread Capital & Development and member of the Uplands development team. “We’re thrilled to have someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Eric lead the Uplands Community Collective and we look forward to his many meaningful and lasting contributions.”

The UCC’s first community action, in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, included a $15,000 cash donation to the Westminster Public Schools Foundation (WPSF). The donation will support Westminster Public Schools’ food and nutrition program, which is serving over 55,000 student meals weekly and supporting as many adult meals as funding will allow.

“I am never surprised, but always humbled at the generosity of our community,” said WPSF Executive Director Stephanie Baer. “We are so grateful to the Uplands Community Collective for their donation that will support our students with basic need items such as food and other necessities. Like most, the Westminster Public Schools Foundation has had to reshape our priorities to better respond to the growing needs of our students and their families. The folks at Uplands did not hesitate to contact us and ask what they could do to help. We are beyond grateful for their gift and partnership.”

To donate or learn more about the Westminster Public Schools Foundation, please click here.

Photo courtesy of Westminster Public Schools


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