USGBC Colorado Study Examines Impact of Green Building on Occupant Health

Cognitive Function

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An interesting study conducted by the U.S. Green Building Council of Colorado (USBGC) examines the link between indoor environmental quality and cognitive function, with a focus on occupant decision-making performance. “The Impact of Green Buildings on Cognitive Function” study, also known as the COGfx study, placed 24 participants, over the course of six full work days, in an environmentally controlled office space of fluctuating ventilation conditions ranging from conventional office buildings to green buildings and green buildings with enhanced ventilation.

The study found 101 percent higher cognitive performance scores in green buildings with enhanced ventilation when compared to conventional buildings, as well as an eight percent increase in employee decision-making performance, which equates to as much as approximately $6,500 equivalent in improved productivity per person each year.


Image courtesy of Jessie Orrico via StockSnap


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