Vertix Builders Completes Robotic Hybrid Operating Room at Rose Medical Center

Niche healthcare construction company Vertix Builders recently completed the installation of a Robotic Hybrid Operating Room at Rose Medical Center, to help assist doctors with minimally invasive procedures and live picture X-rays during surgeries. The mobile platform, on which a GE X-ray camera is set, is based on a derivative of Amazon automated warehouse technology, providing doctors any viewing angle they require.

Hybrid OR

The mobile camera requires a grounded and strictly level flooring surface, which was accomplished by an electrically conductive epoxy resin sole sourced by a company out of Belgium. Vertix was able to engineer a negative air environment that allowed unobstructed access to the floor surface while preventing the off gassing fumes from migrating into the adjoining occupied and functional surgical suite.

Some of the unique aspects of the installation included:

  • An SLD Airframe ceiling structure which combines the HVAC with the structure required for the various equipment and monitor booms, drastically reducing the risk of infection caused by turbulent air/air born contamination.
  • Coordinating all the MEP components around the mounting points for the SLD utilizing the voids in the waffle slab above with only 2” of clear workable space above.

“Tolerances were tight and we all let out a sigh of relief when the SLD slid right into place as planned,” said Mike Kloosterman, project manager for Vertix Builders. “The project was on time, under budget, and delivered with a very high level of quality and the OR was able to go fully operational at the end of April.”

“As a healthcare construction specialist, we’re very proud of our ability to complete challenging and complex projects like this one, that demand creative thought and solutions,” said Ryan Bonner, president of Vertix Builders. “Our team did a fantastic job of not only meeting expectations, but exceeding what was required of them in order to provide Rose Medical Center with a state-of-the-art robotic operating room.”

Photos courtesy of Vertix Builders

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