Vertix Builders’ “Culture Code” Paying Dividends

Courtesy of Vertix Builders

Vertix Builders’ “11-Point Culture Code” has served the company well, reinforcing the original “culture document” that was used as an important foundation when the company was started in 2014.  Since then, the company has completed nearly $250 million worth of projects and has at least $100 million lined up for the next 18 months.

The original culture document was created to reinforce the behaviors that the company founders Ryan Bonner and Ted Laszlo believed would maximize the level of service Vertix could bring to clients while also attracting the very best employees. In 2019, Vertix wanted to reinforce the culture document and ensure employees’ accountability to the company culture at all of the company’s job sites and therefore created the 11-Point Culture Code.

As Ryan and Ted put it, “We turn the culture up to 11!”

The 11-Point Culture Code is posted at the company’s job sites and serves not only as a reminder but as a way for employees to feel empowered to make sure all aspects of a job are being built correctly and running smoothly. Many of Vertix’s clients have taken notice of their code, as have other industry professionals, something the company attributes to the quality projects Vertix has either completed or has in the pipeline.

“Our culture has become a defining element of our company, and lets our employees and clients alike know that they have the freedom to state what’s on their mind, ensure an effective and safe work environment, and most importantly, have fun,” said Ryan Bonner, president of Vertix Builders. “The fact that we’re a highly sought-after general contractor further validates our unique approach to doing business in the built environment.  We work hard to assemble great teams and believe if we focus on our employees and finding the right people, it will make a great work environment that will facilitate great relationships with trade partners, clients, and consultants. The result will be great projects.”

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