White Paper: Healthy Urbanism – Planning for Population Health Management

OLC White Paper Healthy Urbanism_Denver CO

Local architecture firm, Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative (OLC) partnered with Davis Wince , on this white paper that addresses design strategies for a healthier built environment. TrueIntegration is a partnership comprised of OLC and Davis Wince. The report examines the challenges America faces with non-communicable diseases and where healthy urbanism can take root in the design of workspaces and walkable communities coupled with a proactive approach to healthcare and wellness.

The thought leaders on this white paper call for a united front among various industries to move healthy urbanism forward. The report concludes, “The shift to a healthier built environment needs to be multi-faceted and include a shared responsibility from all segments of the built community. Thorough planning and phased community changes will help alleviate the financial burden and ensure the best circumstances for a RoI (Return on Investment) and a RoH (Return on Health). Establishing community teams of public, not for profit and business to engage in planning and funding will help ignite and clarify a picture of the new ecosystem of health and wellness.”

Image courtesy of OLC

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