WORKNOW Platform Connects 705 Metro Denver Construction Workers to Jobs

DENVERWORKNOW an employment platform that connects construction workers to local high-paying, high-growth construction careers and family support services, is currently exceeding expectations within the industry.

Since the program’s launch, 705 metro Denver residents have enrolled in WORKNOW. Members can enroll to get connected to jobs on local projects, access career or family support resources and information, and/or find training to build their skills.

Currently, 33 percent (233 individuals) of WORKNOW members are industry workers seeking upskilling or resources and as of December 31, 2018, 59 percent of WORKNOW members utilized family support resources.  Support services include, but are not limited, to gas stipends, emergency food assistance, tool assistance, child care navigation, etc.

Spearheaded by 11 leading local community organizations that are known as the Colorado Resource Partners (CORE), WORKNOW bases its work on three assumptions–good jobs drive positive impacts for workers and communities, the construction industry provides access to high-paying jobs with robust career growth paths, and a collaborative approach to serving shared customers is central to facilitate upward mobility and wealth building for all.

Many members of WORKNOW can expect to find placement with project partner Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) Central 70, which includes the reconstruction of the Interstate 70 corridor from Brighton Boulevard to Chambers Road. Workforce needs for this multi-year project include craft, office and professional service positions for both experienced and new workers.

In October 2018, The National Western Center Authority and Denver City Council recently approved the investment of $550,000 to fund the expansion of WORKNOW’s job placement, training, and support services.

“We are thrilled to partner with the National Western Center to grow our support for the community as well as the needs of Colorado’s thriving construction industry,” said Katrina Wert, director of the Center for Workforce Initiatives at Community College of Denver, in a press release. “Together, this partnership is investing in the future of our city and our people.”



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