AGC of Colorado Honors General Contractor and Specialty Contractor Members

Kimberly Farnham and Jenna Gables accepted the 50-year membership plaque on behalf of Douglass Colony Group who has been providing commercial roofing services in the Rocky Mountain region since 1947. (Photo: The Unfound Door)

AGC of Colorado honored 50-year and 25-year general contractor and specialty contractor members at the July 2019 Breakfast with the Board and State of the Construction Industry General Contractor Showcase. With more than 500 construction industry professionals in attendance, AGC of Colorado recognized the importance of the roles that both prime and specialty contractors take with the overall responsibility for the completion of construction projects.

“Since 1930, our association has grown to over 600 members, highlighting the need for a continued competitive edge in the Colorado construction market. In recognizing the longevity of membership of our core contractors, we are honored to grow with these firms and continue to support them through legislative advocacy, leadership opportunities, and workforce development,” commented Michael Gifford, president and CEO of AGC of Colorado.

Douglass Colony Group was recognized as the 50-year or more member who has supported the growth of Colorado’s construction industry through AGC of Colorado. The following general contractor and specialty contractor members were also honored as advocates of the construction industry for the past 25 years or more:

  • Cobb Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
  • Concrete Coring Company
  • Concrete Frame Associates, LLC
  • Derr & Gruenewald Construction Company
  • Diamond Drilling & Sawing Company
  • Drake-Williams Steel
  • Dynalectric Company of Colorado
  • Fransen Pittman General Contractors
  • Hillen Corporation
  • ISEC, Inc.
  • Kenny Electric Services, Inc.
  • LONG Building Technologies, Inc.
  • LPR Construction Company
  • Ludvik Electric Company
  • Metropolitan Glass, Inc.
  • Modern Fixture Company
  • Murphy Company
  • Phase 2 Company
  • Precision Siding & Construction
  • Premier Specialty Contractors, Inc.
  • Restoration Specialists, Inc.
  • Rocky Mountain Prestress
  • Schnabel Foundation Company
  • Steelock General Fence Contractor
  • Stresscon Corporation
  • U.S. Engineering Company

As AGC of Colorado honored member-achievements over the past 50 years, the Breakfast with the Board event also laid the foundation for what is coming up next for the construction industry. From prevailing wages on state construction projects, to the SHOP Act to put shop class back in high schools, to an additional $800 million in transportation funding for fiscal year 2020, AGC of Colorado continues to offer members that competitive advantage they need to continue growing in Colorado’s construction market.

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