Aurora Highlands proposes 2,900-acre development south of Denver International Airport

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The development group Aurora Highlands LLC has proposed a 2,900- acre development in the Aerotropolis area south of the Denver International Airport. The project will be led by Carlo Ferriera one of the principals at Aurora Highlands LLC. The plan is to convert the development into home, office, retail, and industrial space. They are predicting to have the development be home to 23,000 families with the cost of homes ranging from $200,000 to $1 million. The development plans need approval from the City of Aurora before it can begin progress. The development company’s relationship with the City of Aurora and Adams County will be public-private. Aurora Highlands LLC is also having to negotiate with E-470’s board to have their central maintenance facility, and future roads relocated to better fit the future community. The details of Aurora Highlands proposal with CDOT and E-470 will be finalized after the development company finalizes their relationships with the City of Aurora and Adams County.


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