BREEAM USA Assessor Training Coming to Denver in Partnership with the Institute for the Built Environment


Denver, CO – BREEAM USA will host a BREEAM Building in Use (BiU) assessor training class—in partnership with the Institute for the Built Environment (IBE) at Colorado State University—in Denver on January 19th and 20th, 2017. The green building standard, based on the widely applied international BREEAM In-Use system, is customized to the particulars of the U.S. green building sector and offers an exciting new opportunity for students interested in sustainability-focused careers.

BREEAM USA In-Use is a comprehensive and holistic environmental assessment method for evaluating and rating the sustainability of existing, commercial assets located within the United States. It provides a framework to help owners, managers and occupiers of existing assets successfully adopt sustainable solutions in a cost-effective manner and provides market recognition for their achievements. The certification process requires a licensed BREEAM USA In-Use Assessor to assess and verify the performance of the asset.

“We are excited to help introduce this new opportunity to regional green building professionals and firms,” said Jennifer Schill, project manager for IBE. “BREEAM USA fits perfectly with the mission of the IBE: to advance the development of healthy, thriving built environments. This BREEAM USA In-Use Assessor training provides an excellent opportunity for both individuals and companies to expand their toolbox of green building services.”

Originally designed by BRE (the Building Research Establishment), the BREEAM rating system has a 25-year track record of driving efficiency improvements in new and existing buildings around the world. BREEAM In-Use is an independent, science-based and inclusive assessment that gives building managers and owners a framework for improving the operational sustainability of their asset, reducing energy costs and consequently carbon footprints. Improving the sustainability of US buildings is important as, during its lifespan, a building and its occupants consume significant amounts of energy, water and materials, and produce waste and emissions. All of this places pressure on limited resources and can negatively impact the local as well as global environment.

“There are 5.6 million buildings in the United States that do not currently benchmark their sustainability efforts,” said BREEAM USA CEO Barry Giles. “BREEAM USA In-Use is available to every commercial structure of any age, size or condition, making it much more accessible and affordable than other green building standards. This training workshop in Denver will allow participants to become some of the very first assessors able to verify BREEAM USA In-Use certifications.”

In order to be eligible to apply for a BREEAM USA In-Use Assessor license, candidates must complete online learning classes, attend and participate in the two-day workshop, and pass the examination held at the end of the workshop. Green building professionals can sign up for the workshop here.

Logo courtesy of Institute for the Built Environment (IBE) at Colorado State University

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