BREEAM USA In-USE Assessor Training: November 9 – 10

BREEAM Training_November 9 - 10_Denver CO

Starting in October, a U.S. version of BREEAM – a third-party green building certification system that preceded LEED – will be available to benchmark and certify existing buildings.  The Institute for the Built Environment (IBE) at Colorado State University is hosting a training course November 9 – 10, 2016 where participants, upon completing the training and passing the exam, will be a licensed BREEAM USA In-Use Assessor.

Course Description

BREEAM USA In-Use is a comprehensive and holistic environmental assessment method for assessing and rating the sustainability of existing, commercial assets located within the United States. It provides a framework to help owners, managers and occupiers of existing assets successfully adopt sustainable solutions in a cost-effective manner and provides market recognition for their achievements. The certification process requires a licensed BREEAM USA In-Use Assessor to assess and verify the performance of the asset.

In order to be eligible to apply for a BREEAM USA In-Use Assessor license, candidates must:

  • Complete the online learning classes
  • Attend and participate in a two-day workshop
  • Pass the examination held at the end of the two-day workshop

The BREEAM In-Use Assessor training course provides the online and workshop training required for an individual to be eligible to become a licensed BREEAM USA In-Use Assessor. This training course is specifically designed for built environment professionals that have a background in the management and operation of commercial buildings. The training focuses on the BREEAM assessment process and methodology to apply the candidate’s knowledge and experience in the management and operation of commercial buildings. Coffee, tea and lunch is provided on both days.

Once a candidate has completed the training and successfully passed the exam, they will become eligible to apply for a BREEAM USA In-Use license. There is an annual license fee payable to BRE America to hold the license. For more information please contact us at Please note that at this time, only training provided by BRE America is considered acceptable for BREEAM USA In-Use licensing.

The workshop includes the online training, the two-day workshop, associated course materials and administration of the exam at the end of the workshop.


The training consists of two parts:

Online Learning

This online learning provides the foundation for the BREEAM standard and the BREEAM USA In-Use program. Completion of the training is entirely dependent upon the candidate but is estimated to take no more than 4 hours to complete. The online learning needs to be completed before the two-day workshop.

Two-day classroom workshop

The workshop will cover:

  • Roles and responsibilities for Assessors in the program
  • The certification process
  • Evidence gathering and verification
  • Conducting site visits
  • Quality Assurance

Logo courtesy of Institute for the Built Environment (IBE) at Colorado State University

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