Denver-based M.E. GROUP Launches New Division – Forte Building Science

Denver, COM.E. GROUP has launched a new division called Forte Building Science that will now provide the firm’s Building Physics, Commissioning, Occupant Experience, and Certification services.  This distinctive group is dedicated to advancing a much-needed modern approach to building innovation and creating opportunities for unique and easier solutions to building challenges.

The Forte Building Science team is led by Nate Maniktala and Pete Jefferson, both long-time Principals and owners with M.E. GROUP.  What makes Forte unique is the diversity of their expertise that includes licensed architects, professional engineers, social scientists, TAB & controls professionals, and sustainability consultants that work together to overcome building challenges related to energy performance, health and wellness, resiliency, and sustainability.

“Building science is an evidence-based approach to understanding the physical behavior of the building as a system. We work side by side with project teams to use this understanding to inform decision-making throughout conceptual design, construction or occupancy.  We believe that implementing a scientific approach brings greater certainty and therefore greater sustainability.” said Jefferson, a leader in Net-Zero energy and bioclimatic design.

Forte Building Science is already working with such architects and owners as HKS, Perkins Eastman, Kansas State University, Prologis, University of Nebraska, and CHI Health.

According to Maniktala this is because Forte is helping them improve how buildings perform and how people use them. “At Forte Building Science our goal is to make delivering innovative buildings easier for designers, builders, and owners.  Whether by facilitating design with our analysis, preventing building failures through commissioning, or validating goals with industry certifications.  We are able to leverage our unique skills to help our clients achieve the results they seek, with greater ease.”

Photo courtesy of M.E. GROUP


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