Denver International Airport Deconstructs Toll Plaza on Peña Boulevard

Credit: DEN

Denver International Airport (DEN) is officially deconstructing the old toll plaza on Peña Boulevard after the structure has sat idle for more than 20 years. Built in 1993, the toll plaza has had many uses, including as a toll collection station, administrative offices and a storage facility.

When DEN opened in 1995, Peña Boulevard’s toll plaza was designed to allow passengers to travel to the airport and pay a toll on the way out. However, advances in technology and the construction of a more efficient parking system eliminated the need for toll booths and the building became obsolete in 2000.

“With over 70 million passengers flying in and out of DEN on an annual basis, and as we plan to serve 100 million annual passengers in the coming years, the need for continued efficiency is at an all-time demand,” DEN CEO Phil Washington said. “This includes making sure that unused buildings are being removed and building materials are repurposed as part of our work to become the most sustainable airport in the world.”

The toll plaza deconstruction is the first effort at Denver International Airport to comply with the Denver Initiated Ordinance 306, also known as “Waste No More Denver.” This ordinance establishes wide-ranging waste diversion rules for industries ranging from special events to food trucks, apartment buildings and construction and demolition.

The toll plaza site is not included in the current phase of improvements to Peña Boulevard. However, as the airport explores future opportunities for safety and mobility improvements such as straightening Peña

Boulevard, it is to DEN’s advantage that the toll plaza will no longer be in its current place, as the leveled site will enhance safety and visibility.

The deconstruction will take six to eight weeks to complete, after which the site will be leveled, regraded, hydro-seeded and turned into dedicated turnaround lanes for emergency vehicles and DEN snow removal equipment.

In other news, DEN was recently recognized by Engineering News-Record (ENR) Mountain States for the Concourses B East & C East Expansion projects.

A panel of judges from all areas of the industry reviewed around 100 entries in a variety of categories, examining factors such as safety, innovation, craft quality and community or industry benefit. Winning projects will be covered in more detail in the Nov. 27 issue of ENR Mountain States.

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