First Commercial Tenants Announced at The Foundry

Mission-driven real estate development and investment company, Brinkman, in partnership with Brue Baukol Capital Partners, , and the City of Loveland, announced the first commercial tenants to join The Foundry redevelopment in downtown Loveland.

The Foundry is a $76 million public/private partnership with the City of Loveland, Brinkman and investment partners Brue Baukol Capital Partners and Colmena Group.  The redevelopment aims to revitalize Loveland’s historic downtown by transforming three underutilized city blocks into a destination for locals and visitors. This new development offers convenient parking, luxury apartments, restaurants, a seven-screen movie theater, hotel, and a central plaza for community entertainment.

Mo’ Betta Gumbo will relocate from its current downtown Loveland location and Colorado Coffee & Café will open a new storefront in the ground-floor commercial spaces in the mixed-use Patina Flats buildings that are part of The Foundry.

Colorado Coffee & Café has leased a 2,000-square-foot space in the Cleveland Patina Flats building on the west side of the public plaza. Mo’ Betta Gumbo has leased a 3,700-square-foot space on the northeast corner of the Lincoln Patina Flats building with a large outdoor patio facing the plaza.

Colorado Coffee & Café hopes to open in early 2020 and Mo’ Betta Gumbo plans to relocate in late 2019.

Photo courtesy of Brinkman 


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