Five Year Vision Plan Receives Colorado Downtown Excellence Award

Pearl Street Mall, courtesy of Downtown Boulder Partnership.

On Thursday, April 4, Downtown Boulder Partnership’s Five Year Vision Plan was honored with a Colorado Downtown Excellence Award under the Best Partnerships in a Large Community category at Downtown Colorado Inc.’s annual In the Game conference. Downtown Colorado, Inc. and 9News presented the Colorado Downtown Excellence Awards in front of a packed house in Durango at the Animas City Theater. 

Since 2003, Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) has presented awards to outstanding projects and people in Colorado who demonstrate creativity in the face of challenges, unlikely and enduring partnerships, and dedication to the community to further downtown initiatives. The Colorado Downtown Excellence Awards presents recognition in six areas including awards for Partnership, Place, Plans, Projects, Pop Up Innovation and Person – Downtowner of the Year. 

The Partnership Award category recognizes excellence in commitment to collaborating partnerships that encourage and foster knowledge, awareness, support of initiatives and other stakeholders within the local community. Downtown Boulder Partnership (DBP) is honored to share this award with consulting firm MIG, the City of Boulder and all of the residents, visitors, community partners, boards of directors and staff who participated in the Vision Plan’s formation through community collaboration.

Building on the legacy and success of the Pearl Street Mall, the Five Year Vision Plan serves as a launching pad and inspiration for ongoing conversations to make the district a relevant, meaningful and inviting place for all. The Vision Plan builds upon existing partnerships and other studies/plans and was developed for the community (and by the community) through months of meaningful engagement. The Plan will continue to evolve with community input throughout the implementation process.

The Vision Plan identifies 6 “Big Ideas” beginning with the historic Pearl Street Mall and extending outward:

1) Position Pearl Street Mall for 50 more years of success
2) Facilitate discovery, activation & opportunities off of Pearl Street
3) Embrace the Creek Corridor as a part of downtown
4) Connect to nearby neighborhoods & districts
5) Tie it all together with safe, comfortable & interesting infrastructure
6) Tell the story & increase understanding

As the Pearl Street Mall approaches its 50th anniversary in 2027, the Vision Plan will help inform and guide many important discussions and decisions that will be made in the years ahead to keep downtown Boulder as one of the most vibrant and well-recognized districts in the country. 

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