KEW Realty Corporation Completes Solar Panel Installation on Centennial Airport Plaza

A 263-kilowatt solar system with 598 solar panels on the roof of Centennial Airport Plaza.

KEW Realty Corporation, a full-service commercial real estate company, recently installed a 263-kilowatt solar system on the roof of Centennial Airport Plaza — an office building owned and managed by KEW Realty Corporation in Centennial. The installation consists of a 263-kilowatt solar system with 598 solar panels on the roof of Centennial Airport Plaza. The solar system was completed by a local, leading solar energy installation company, Photon Brothers.

Photon Brothers provides eco-friendly energy solutions and custom installations that empower sustainability throughout Colorado. Solar panels produce direct current (DC) electricity which then gets converted to alternating current (AC) electricity that is used to power homes and businesses. Centennial Airport Plaza had a huge demand for electricity, so it essentially uses the generated electricity as it’s being produced. This means that during the day, the building is being
powered by the sun.

Annually, this 263-kW system offsets over one million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and is equivalent to planting around 25,000 trees each year. Also, the solar system saves over $1.4 million in the system’s lifespan of 25 years.

“We began the process in 2021 working with designers, engineers and the utility company,” said Sam Johnson, senior sales consultant at Photon Brothers. “Permitting for an installation of this size can sometimes be a challenge but the entire project was completed with Permission to Operate within a year. We had our top installers and electricians working on this job and everything went smoothly with the installation. Now the system is up and running, producing
lots of clean power, and saving them money every day.”

The project underscores KEW Realty’s continued commitment to implementing sustainable solutions whenever possible within its portfolio of industrial and office properties. This project was initiated by David Spira, KEW Realty’s president and CEO, and overseen by Phil Shovein, KEW’s facilities portfolio manager.

“David Spira and his team at KEW Realty were great to work with. We love that they support local businesses and our local community,” said Sam Johnson, senior sales consultant at Photon Brothers. “It was refreshing knowing that if we needed anything from them, they were always available to help. It’s been a rewarding partnership, and we hope to have future projects together.”

KEW Realty strives to be a great model of sustainability in commercial real estate by implementing “green building” initiatives that help reduce the carbon footprint. “Sustainability is important to KEW Realty as an integral part of our value system of having the least amount of impact on the environment as possible through what we can control, which is the properties that we own, and applying that value where we can,” said Jeremy Spira, vice president of leasing and development at KEW Realty. “The handful of projects that we’ve embarked on so far have been motivated by that value to continue sustainable practices and looking into the future where
else we can apply that.”

The solar panel installation at Centennial Airport Plaza is but one investment KEW Realty has made in energy alternatives. KEW provides recycling at all properties and encourages tenants to participate in energy-saving routines. Converting all common areas and suite lighting to LED has been an ongoing program that has proven to lower electrical use and the tenants’ cost of utilities. In addition, electric vehicle charging stations are currently available at two of KEW’s office properties and the company currently owns two electric vehicles for employee use.

The solar panel installation at Centennial Airport Plaza is a testament to KEW Realty’s continued goal of increasing sustainability and reducing impact on the environment.

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