LoDo Towers Achieves UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air

LoDo Towers, courtesy of CIM Group.

According to CIM Group, a community-focused real estate and infrastructure owner, operator, lender, and developer, LoDo Towers, consisting of two Class B+ 16- and 13-story office towers totaling more than 420,000 square feet in downtown Denver, has achieved the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air. UL, the global safety science leader, developed the program to provide credible, third-party verification that buildings demonstrate IAQ excellence.

Built in 1982-1983 and renovated between 2019-2020 by CIM Group, LoDo Towers is located at 1401 17th St and 1331 17th Street, prominently situated at the entryway to LoDo.

“By earning the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark, CIM Group has taken an important step in advancing indoor air quality,” said Sean McCrady, director of UL’s Asset and Sustainability Performance, Real Estate Properties group. “This is a critically important effort as stakeholders from investors to tenants and regulatory bodies prioritize sustainability and wellness in buildings.

Two other Properties verified by UL include 55 Hawthorne, an 11-story, 136,000-square-foot office building in San Francisco, California; and Eastside Village, a 95,000-square-foot office building in Austin, Texas. By achieving the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark, the properties demonstrate that they all have excellent indoor air quality (IAQ) performance.

The buildings participated in a thorough evaluation process, which included an audit, on-site inspections, and IAQ testing, which included, among other assessments, measurement of total volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, ozone, and a mold and moisture inspection. The program includes an annual reassessment coupled with surveillance at the mid-year point to maintain participation.

“We are proud to receive the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air for these three properties, an accomplishment that demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing quality indoor environments that benefit the health and wellness of our tenants,” said Bethany Chang, managing director, On-Site Property Management.

The tiered UL Verified Healthy Building program verifies that an indoor space achieves exceptional indoor environmental performance based on a range of criteria. For more information about the program, visit

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