RES Looks to Attract Diverse Talent in Move to Denver’s McGregor Square

RES CEO of the Americas John Rohde and receptionist Marissa Holmes talk at the reception desk. Credit: RES

RES, the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, has officially opened its new Americas headquarters in McGregor Square. The team moved from its previous location in Broomfield in the hopes of attracting and attaining more employees. The office will initially be home to approximately 180 people, the majority of which will be hybrid employees spending three days in the office.

The space was designed and created using intentional decision-making that elevates the experience of everyone who works within it. The central location, a five-minute walk from Union Station, was chosen specifically to allow for easier access to a wider range of applicants.

“We are excited to be moving to our new home in McGregor Square,” said John Rohde, CEO of RES in the Americas. “Not only is the central location easily accessible and surrounded with amenities for our employees, customers, and clients, both the location and the human-centric design align with RES’s strong commitment to sustainability and attracting and retaining employees from many diverse backgrounds.”

As a renewable energy company committed to working towards a net-zero future, RES, along with its design firm DLR Group, ensured that there were a number of sustainable practices implemented in the new space:

  • Smart lighting fixtures automatically adjust for the placement of the sun, turning up higher when the sun is on the opposite side of the building or obstructed and dimming when a room is receiving direct natural light.
  • The space takes inspiration from nature with greenery, a natural color pallet, natural lines and natural materials found throughout.
  • Denver office employees are all offered EcoPass, an employer-sponsored pass that provides all employees with unlimited rides on RTD buses and trains.

In hopes of fostering an inclusive workplace where collaboration comes with ease and all voices are heard equally, the space is arranged in open-air “neighborhoods” with huddle rooms around the periphery for more focused or private needs. Leadership office spaces are located in the middle of the floor to allow everyone equal enjoyment of the floor-to-ceiling windows, offering ample sunlight and donning adjustable shades for comfort. Sit-stand desks are installed at every workstation, providing a myriad of wellness benefits to ensure employees can work however they feel most comfortable.

The Denver office has also been informed by evidence-based strategies developed by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) to demonstrate RES’s commitment to a people-first workplace. WELL is made up of 10 concepts that act as a roadmap for improving the quality of air, water and light through design decisions that keep us connected and support our mental health. RES has implemented the strategies and protocols necessary to earn a gold certification for the office.

Later in 2023, RES plans to expand to the third floor and open an Operations Control Center (OCC), enabling the team to operate renewable energy assets throughout the U.S. and Canada including wind farms, solar farms, energy storage and more. The third floor will also include access to a large patio for employees to enjoy the outdoors. More information on the OCC will be released in August.

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