RiNo Art District Highlights Local Artists and Makers in New Home at Zeppelin Station

Denver, CO — Zeppelin Development continues to raise the bar with the newest lease signing at Zeppelin Station—a high-concept collection of the world’s most innovative merchants, chefs and creative companies and the namesake of Denver’s preeminent pioneering developer, Mickey Zeppelin—located directly at the 38th Street Light Rail Station in RiNo. The RiNo Art District will lease approximately 2,300 square feet of office and retail space in the 25,000 square foot ground floor food and retail hall, providing the art-centric organization with a more “public face” and a retail presence to support artists.

“At its core, Zeppelin Station is a place for diverse communities to engage with art and design,” said Kyle Zeppelin, Principal at Zeppelin Development. “We jumped at the opportunity to showcase the RiNo Art District as a signature part of that program. They will be surrounded by a supporting cast of multi-cultural food vendors, design-forward fashion and home goods retail, and creative office users – all building a critical mass that the Art District will be able to channel in support of local artists. The train platform itself opens up even greater possibilities with tens of thousands of people every year, many of them national and international travelers, flowing throughout the station area. We have been proud members and supporters of the Art District in RiNo since its inception 12 years ago, and are honored they will call our newest project home.”

“The RiNo Art District’s primary responsibility is to ensure this neighborhood is a place that artists, creators and makers can work, live and thrive,” said Jamie Licko, RiNo Art District President. “As the neighborhood’s profile grows, so too does the cost of being here. If we are to serve the neighborhood, we must give artists the economic platform to succeed. The retail store will exclusively feature art and goods made in RiNo. 60 percent of the sales proceeds will go directly back to the artist or maker, with 40 percent coming back to the RiNo Art District to provide overarching services for the neighborhood. The retail store will serve as ‘front of house’ for the RiNo offices, meaning this location will serve our organization and our neighborhood as a key entry point to exploring all of RiNo.”

Zeppelin Station, designed by the visionary architect Stephen Dynia, will be a prominent fixture in RiNo, with an iconic, minimalist design that features a ground-floor food and retail hall and three floors of creative work spaces above – all taking full advantage of incredible views of downtown Denver and the front range. Aligned with the Scandinavian-inspired design of other Zeppelin projects, Zeppelin Station allows the products and art featured inside to speak for themselves, highlighting new ideas and cultural happenings from around the region. On the west side of the building, a series of terraces that step-back from the street will include gardens and greenspace that will be appealing from both ground level and to the office tenants

The RiNo Art District anchors the first-floor retail and food hall to combine with fashion and home goods retailers along with the projects multi-cultural food hall. The food hall features six street food counters representing heritage street food from Vietnam, Japan, and Mexico, among others. From architecture and landscape design to fine art and RiNo-made artisan wares, Zeppelin Station celebrates thoughtfulness and innovation across industries.

“Zeppelin Station will be the perfect meeting place for nearby residents and office workers as well as people on their way to or from the airport,” said Zeppelin.  “It provides the public with a dynamic train station for commuters and travelers alike to grab a cup of coffee to start their day or a cocktail after work and support the artists that put RiNo on the map.”

Zeppelin Station is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2017.


Image courtesy of Zeppelin Development

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