How Certifications Help Your Occupants Feel Safe

By Dannie DiIonno, Net Zero Advocacy Manager, BranchPattern  There seems to be an endless supply of building certifications all advertised to building owners to increase property value and help recruit tenants. Some building certifications focus on sustainability and the benefits the building can have on the planet, while others focus on health, …


Modular Construction: A Contemporary Approach to a Traditional Process

By Tom Merlo, PIOVTEK Business Development Associate Manufactured building components simplify the traditional construction process by reducing typical challenges from the job site. Trade stacking, schedule congestion, inconsistent quality, and variance are critical challenges facing traditional methods of construction. Utilizing manufacturing methods to optimize construction greatly increases productivity and quality while reducing labor requirements …

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Commercial Evictions in 2021: Will There Be Calm After the COVID-19 Storm?

By David Laird, Attorney, Moye White LLP The pandemic threw evictions into a state of chaos. Under normal circumstances, evictions in Colorado are technical, time-sensitive, and involved. Executive orders, regulatory edicts, and limited judicial resources brought on by COVID-19 complicated and stalled evictions in 2020. Worse, the landscape was constantly …


Implementing Building Safety at Every Step

By Matt Ogle, Senior Safety Manager, JE Dunn Construction Construction is a leading industry for worker injuries, a reality that top construction firms work tirelessly to change. In a rather dangerous industry, how do we effectively address worker safety and act proactively in a way that aims to minimize risk? …


Four Types of Insurance a Hospitality Establishment Should Not Go Without

By Claire Waller, regional sales manager for Society Insurance Running a business is hard enough; then add in the potential for fires, slips and falls, and cyber attacks, and you can quickly see that you need the best possible insurance and people in your corner. Thankfully, there are many policy …


Celebrating Women in Construction Week

By Katie Rapone, editor Since 1953, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) has been advocating for women in the construction industry and helping create a support network for those women in the field. Women in Construction Week, March 7-13, was started to highlight women as a vital part …


Q&A with Liz McDonald, Principal of Johnson Nathan Strohe

Liz McDonald, principal at JOHNSON NATHAN STROHE, is a dynamic leader known for designing and delivering spaces that achieve the perfect balance of creativity and practicality. As the firm’s youngest principal, she oversees the firm’s multifamily division, leading projects that are at the forefront of housing trends. Facts about Liz: Married …


Grow or Die: Apartment Locating Startup Doubles Down on Denver

By Cassie Brown, CEO/Founder Smart City  Most companies approached the pandemic with a “cut back or die” mindset – and the reason why is obvious. It’s safe. Eventually, if they play their cards right, they will be able to make up all their losses. The problem with “cut back or die,” however, …


Reaping the Benefits of Diversity in Lighting Design

By Sarah Erickson, principal, partner, LS Group This past year has come with tremendous change. From the Denver market to the global stage, there have been countless opportunities within the commercial real estate industry to show our resilience and ingenuity. With a bit of light at the end of the tunnel and …


Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2021: ULI Report

By Katie Rapone, editor Mile High CRE The Urban Land Institute’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2021 report highlights the trends shaping the real estate industry. The report, which includes proprietary data and insights from more than 1,600 leading real estate industry experts, explores how COVID-19 accelerated many existing trends …