Seeing the Need for Small, Specialized Construction Projects

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By Steve Kovach, Manager, Special Projects Division, PCL Construction 

While massive construction projects are underway throughout the Denver metro area, as evidenced by the number of cranes lining the skyline, companies still have smaller-scale construction projects needs. These particular projects can be complex, requiring a high level of expertise, however finding construction professionals who are qualified to complete the work  doesn’t have to be challenging.

Some construction firms provide their clients with dedicated teams, who work solely on smaller projects. This provides companies with the comfort of knowing that their needs will be met by an expert team. It also provides the resources and backing of a qualified company. The combination of size, strength, and expertise provides clients with a knowledgeable construction team that can complete projects, regardless of their size or complexity.

Smaller construction projects can range in price anywhere from $25,000 to $10 million, and cover a wide range of construction needs, including:

Historic Renovations

Many companies are making the decision to move their operations to historic Denver buildings, requiring specialized renovation work. Some key considerations when renovating a historic structure include maintaining a building’s integrity while upgrading its core to meet current code and energy requirements. This may require the protection or shoring of existing masonry or exact reconstruction of historic styles. In either case owners need a team that understands and appreciates a building’s historical significance, knows what questions to ask, and performs the due diligence necessary to understand the factors driving completion.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

As energy efficient systems become more prevalent, and the opportunity to save on costs can be achieved with mechanical upgrades or building envelope improvements, building owners and property managers often turn to construction specialists to make sure that their buildings are operating at maximum efficiency. Some of the most timely, and needed, mechanical upgrades provide new air handling units or boiler systems that can significantly reduce overall building consumption. Many old Denver buildings are in dire need of exterior glazing or roof upgrades as well. The benefits of mechanical improvements are only fully realized if energy loss through a poorly insulated exterior skin can be mitigated.

Building Expansions

As companies grow, so do their space needs. Qualified construction specialists can find and recommend solutions that will help companies better accommodate their growing workforce. Depending on the property this might include adding new floors, tearing down walls, relocating work areas, or adding an adjacent structure. The critical component in this type of work is ensuring construction doesn’t disrupt or interfere with day-to-day operations.

Infrastructure Construction

Many cities and municipalities have an ongoing need for improvements to their infrastructure. This might include new pedestrian bridges, parking garage structural upgrades, or additions such as parks and plazas, transportation centers, and parking lots. These projects are often located in the midst of an active community and require a higher degree of attention to pedestrians and adjacent business operations requiring a qualified team of experts.

Tenant Improvements

When a company moves into a new space, or wants to change or upgrade an existing space, they will  rely on a construction specialist  who can complete the work efficiently, without disrupting the work environment. One important step that should be performed during a tenant improvement project is the coordination with existing building systems and infrastructure.  In many instances, the surface condition hides what could be a costly repair or adaptation. An experienced team knows where to look and how to minimize any impacts of what could be hiding. A construction partner must also understand what makes your business efficient and phase construction around those factors. This requires an attentive teammate who is proactive in solutions to manage a client’s needs.

When considering a company for smaller construction projects, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Does a company have a good extent of resources available? This can include everything from having a strong enough position in the industry to negotiate the best prices for materials, to providing a team that is adept at working on highly complex projects.

Regardless of the scope or size of a construction project, meeting a client’s needs and expectations while providing a space that can be optimized to its full potential is vital. And even with all of the large construction projects dominating the Denver landscape, there are specialized teams, with the necessary resources, to address all types of construction needs.

Steve Kovach, Manager, Special Projects Division, of Colorado-based PCL Construction, can be reached at (303-365-6500) or

Image Courtesy of PCL Construction

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