Sustainable Home Decor Shop Opens New Storefront at Dairy Block

Jaclyn Tracy, founder of SISTAIN.

SISTAIN, a female-led, sustainable, non-toxic home decor marketplace, has opened a new storefront at FREE MARKET at LoDo’s Dairy Block.

SISTAIN stands for sisters in sustainability because women have 80% of all consumer buying power, power to change the whole system. 

“Our vision at SISTAIN is so much bigger than simply living more sustainably. It’s about taking control of the economy we already run as women and using our collective power to raise the standard. Demanding quality not only in the products we purchase, but for the people that make them,” said Jaclyn Tracy, founder of SISTAIN.

SISTAIN curates non-toxic, sustainable, ethically sourced home goods and home decor. They do the work it takes to assess that the brands and products are free of toxins, sustainably made, better for you and better for the planet.

SISTAIN’s goal is to guide their community to live a more sustainable life by aligning their values with their consumer choices and to create change for the greater good – the earth and all people inhabiting it.

“I created SISTAIN because I was intimidated by the zero-waste movement but I wanted to live a more sustainable lifestyle,” said Tracy. “Success to me is in the collective impact, getting a whole group of people to change their behavior by committing to choosing sustainable brands, less waste and imperfect progress.” 

  • Vision: Build a more circular future.
  • Mission: Reduce the negative effects of consumers by supporting brands that operate responsibly with sustainable methods of design, production and manufacturing, to build a more circular future.
  • Philosophy: Take care of yourself, so you can take care of the planet. Imperfectly, but collectively.

SISTAIN will be hosting a variety of community events through the rest of the year. If you want to be notified of these events, join SISTAIN’s VIP List!

FREE MARKET at Dairy Block is an ever-evolving collective that markets curated products, services and experiences by combining incubator strategy with artistic understanding and infrastructure strength. Other shops located inside FREE MARKET include Aesop, Alchemy Works, BeautyCounter, Love Weld and Rosemont Barbershop & Grooming Supply. FREE MARKET is also home to several top LoDo food and beverage destinations, including BRUTØ, Penelope Coffee, Run for the Roses and Westbound & Down.

Developed by McWHINNEY, Sage Hospitality and Grand American, Inc., Dairy Block is a mixed-use redevelopment of the historic LoDo block that once housed Denver’s Windsor Dairy. Dairy Block is a vibrant downtown Denver destination for shopping, drinking, dining and overnight stays at The Maven Hotel. For more information, please visit

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